Wednesday, 25 March 2015

New in | Oakridge denim

Good 'ol Mr P has launched their latest range of denim as well as some amazing in-between season wardrobe staples. Think basics like lightweight parkas, slouchy extra-length blazers, and striped easy fit knits, and of course, some must-have denim.
I am loving the sexy tight fitting dungarees and the high waisted skinny jeans. I already have so many pairs of boyfriend jeans, but considering this pair won't exactly break the bank, I think I'll take those too.
Click on the images to shop up a storm.

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Beauty Banter | Babor Reversive

You know how so many people only buy German cars, because lets face it, they know a thing or two about engineering? Well I recently learnt that you can trust that country with your skin too.

I attended a beautiful event, bedecked in flowers and sweet treats, for the launch of the BABOR ReVersive range. We were handed our flower crowns and while stuffing our faces with pretty pink macarons and fluffy cupcakes, we learnt all about their new technology. Using some next-level medical research, and combining plant-based stem cells and active marine ingredients, they've developed a miracle product that aims to reactivate and maintain youthful skin.

The range comprises of a serum, anti-aging cream, rich anti-aging cream and an eye cream. I opted to try the anti-aging cream - because well, 31. Thirty years plus one more. That still scares me silly. I am basically turning to dust. Moving on...

So far I am loving this product - which scares me somewhat because they don't come cheap. Upwards of R1000 to be exact. But considering the intense mix of active ingredients, you're getting serious bang for your buck, and its a decent size bottle, so it'll last months. As far as the active ingredients go,  Telovitin keeps cells younger for longer, Agicyl helps defend against ageing, Lumicol is responsible for luminance and radiant skin, while Epocyl smooths instantly.
A ton of science for you, most of which you don't care for, and you really just want to know if it works. And yes, yes it does. I don't have much in the way of wrinkles just yet (thank you merciful skin gods), but I do have uneven skin tone, a couple of fine lines and crows feet that while you can't see, I certainly can. And since popping this bottle three weeks ago I am delighted with the results. My complexion is noticeably brighter and I am loving the plumped up skin around my eyeballs and lips.
It also has this enchanting rose smell which worried me at first, because for a girl with sensitive skin, anything that smells nice is bad news - so I am happy to report that it caused no irritation whatsoever and you can enjoy having a face people might want to lick without consequence.

For more information on stockists, head to the BABOR Facebook page

Friday, 20 March 2015

Investment Handbags

If I could play some background music that you could listen to while reading this post, it would be Gwen Stefani's "Rich Girl". So lets pretend shall we?
"If I was a rich girl, nanananananananana......."

I've been thinking about this topic for a while now. We are bombarded with fast fashion daily. All we ever hear about is new season, pre-season, new trend, some or other era's revival and what the "it-bag" of the moment is. Yet when I look to the style icons that inspire me - from actresses, bloggers, and businesswomen world over, I notice that they all stick to classic, well designed handbags. It makes sense to spend on shoes and bags, and save on clothing. These items pull an outfit together and if you pair your Mr Price dress with a Prada bag, I can guarantee the whole outfit will look expensive.

After doing some research, I found that certain handbags actually hold their value, or even appreciate in value over time because they've become such a cult classic. Second-hand Chanel bags sell for the same price as new ones due to the common folk not being able to procure a new one. And limited editions sell for even more than the original price.

So I started looking for some tips on what to look out for when 'investing' in a designer handbag, and these were the ones that came up over and over again:

1) Go neutral. I read this as go black. Just buy a black one. Maybe beige, tan or blush - but when it comes down to it, I'd say classic black will always be beautiful and chic, and will definitely hold value.

2) It must be in leather. Vegan friends, look away now, because you won't like this. Leather lasts forever. It is durable, and even looks better as it ages. This is a non-negotiable when it comes to forking over your savings for a handbag.

3) Stick with structure. Your lifetime investment needs to withstand wear and tear and being used. A lot. Because if you drop R30k on a bag, best you use it daily right? So go for one that will retain its shape over time.

4) Keep logos and hardware to a minimum. Trends change and you don't want a massive logo emblazoned down the side of your bag, only to have that kind of brand styling go out of fashion in 6 months. Minimal will always be in style. Choose a reputable brand, with a small logo. The same idea applies to hardware. Studs and chains are great, but the upkeep is a pain and the hardware details won't last as well as the leather of the bag. If your heart lies with a Chanel Boy bag or Classic Flap bag, keep those chain handles clean and take care of them. 

Now lets get real. No handbag is actually an investment. You will not make money off it. It will not aid you in retirement in any way. You may be able to sell it one day, effectively borrowing the bag for a minimal price, or even for free if you're lucky. Or if like me, you're a sentimental type and merely want to collect pretty things to look after for your future daughters. So don't go trying to justify the extravagance to your other half by saying it is an investment. I've tried. He didn't buy it.

My picks for 'investment' bags would be, in my perfect, limitless budget world, the following:

Clockwise from top left:

YSL cross body bag | Mulberry Alexa satchel | Givency Antigona | Dior Lady Dior bag | YSL Monogramme small shoulder bag | Chanel Boy bag | Prada Saffiano | Chanel 2.55

Let me know on Twitter/ Instagram or in the comments section which one would be your dream bag.
I think mine would be the Givenchy or the Chanel Boy bag.....or the Prada...or the YSL......shit. Who needs a retirement fund anyway right?  (kidding Dave, only kidding)

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