Thursday, 23 October 2014

Power tools from Paul Mitchell

Okay, I meant power tools for girls. And I'm not talking about drill bits and pliers in a shade of pink. Hair styling gizmos surely count as power tools? Well they should, especially the ones I am about to share with you.
Yesterday a very exciting launch went down. I couldn't be there in person due to meetings, but I had spies and insiders give me the skinny on what all the fuss was about.

Paul Mitchell has launched a new styling tool range called NEURO Intelligent Styling. The range consists of a hairdryer, smoothing iron, styling cones and rod, and hot rollers.

In a nutshell, this range is killing the competition with their patented SmartSense microchip, and their IsoTherm titanium plates - ensuring fast, perfectly regulated heat.

If these guys are designed for incredible international stylists like Takashi Kitamura, and are destined to be staples in salons - then I certainly wouldn't mind owning these myself. The dryer boasts 1874 watts of power, 4 heat settings and a cool shot button.

230 degrees Celsius in 30 seconds. That'll do pig, that'll do. Beautifully cushioned plates and bevelled edges make for a user friendly design. The SmartSense chip is working its magic the whole time, reading the temperature 50 times per second and responds in a quarter of a second, optimising heat recovery. Fancy no?

The curling rods heat up to 230 degrees Celcius in 60 seconds, feature and automated shut-off system which you can customise and features the wondrous SmartSense chip for seriously fast heat recovery.  And it comes in 3 sizes so all hair of all lengths and thickness has a friend.

Retail Box is yet again ahead of the game, and will be stocking this range this month. So send out your Christmas wish lists to those who love you asap.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Life via iPhone

The last few weeks I have thrown myself in to exercise and running. Not necessarily for the coming summer, but because I entered Gun Run half marathon on a bit of a whim and then didn't do an awful lot about it. So 3 weeks before the race I pulled my socks up and ran as much as I could. I don't have a problem with fitness thanks to SWEAT1000, but I needed time on my legs before the run. It could have gone better in the end, and my time wasn't fabulous, but I finished and felt fine afterward, so its another half marathon ticked off the bucket list.

Cape Town in the spring time is one of the best times of the year. The wind crops up every now and then, but other than that the weather is perfect for being outside and enjoying all of the beautiful things our city has to enjoy. I've also recently discovered a few new coffee spots in my area. I am rather obsessed with cortados these days ( an espresso cut with a spot of warm milk), and Bootlegger in Sea Point makes the best.

It is also Breast Cancer Awareness and I've tried to get involved as much as I can with the different brands doing their thing to raise awareness and raise funds - all while rocking as much pink as possible. I now have pink hair, pink beauty products, pink dinnerware and even a fair amount of pink clothing all in the name of donating and getting involved. I know some of you may think it is a superficial way to contribute - but what I've learned about charity work in my time in corporate is that the easier you make it, and the prettier you wrap it up, the better you'll do for your cause. So I tip my hat to the brands who have given of their time and energy to a wonderful cause.