Monday, 27 July 2015

Kirsten Goss | #GetPersonal

If you've been reading my blog since the early days, you'll know I have a massive obsession with dainty jewellery. I've come to love a good statement piece, but small and pretty will always be my go-to when accessorising. I hadn't bought any new jewellery in a while, and then the Kirsten Goss invite popped into my inbox (Houston, we now have a problem. The fire has been reignited. >>insert money with wings emoji here<<). 

I'd been admiring her brand and her journey from afar, yet never had the chance to have a look at any of the collections or meet the designer. All of that changed last week when she hosted a couple of fashion bloggers for a showcase of two collections, called #getpersonal and #diamondcondition. I'm just going to show you the first range today, because there is one hell of a lot of pretty to take in here. In a nutshell, KG is now offering personalisation on their range of jewellery and it is beautiful. Popular options are the Pinny and Barboa necklaces, or the Halo ring. The items are hand stamped by a very talented and patient goldsmith. You've got choices of sterling silver, rose gold vermeil, gold vermeil and 18kt gold. 

We were also treated to a fashion film and a chat with Kirsten herself. Getting to chat to her and see her contagious energy and passion first hand made me fall in love her designs even more. Hopefully, just by wearing them, they'll pass on a bit of her incredible spark onto me. She also passed on this gem (if you'll excuse the pun): "While diamonds are forever, they are also for everyday". I like that. I like that a lot. This woman could be trouble actually....

At the end of KG's fabulous event, we were sent off with a little present - a Pinny necklace to call our own, which I've been wearing non-stop since. I love the simplicity. It is terribly chic.

The unlucky husband has already been sent a wishlist that covers every birthday, Christmas and anniversary presents for the next few years. I tried convincing him that we should celebrate 'monthaversarys' as well, but he was having none of it. Luckily there are plenty of lovely brunch spots along Bree that I can use as an excuse to pop in, with Dave in tow, and I'll slap him with the best puppy eyes I can manage. Or just slap him. Whatever works. (just kidding boo!)

Go on. Treat yo'self. Drag along someone who loves you and pop into the store on 229 Bree Street in Cape Town, or 366 Florida Road, Morningside, in Durbs. Joburg, there is even one for you at 64 St Andrew Street in Birdhaven. Or shop online at


Tuesday, 21 July 2015


A few weeks ago I attended a three day workshop on fashion styling, with the incredibly talented Cara Lee, Fashion Editor at FairLady mag and style-blogger-in-chief of The Fashion Department. We were hosted at the FEDISA campus, and I am now very bitter over the fact that my tertiary education didn't include a garden terrace and rooftop chill area.

I decided to attend the workshop simply because it was a side of fashion I knew nothing about. I've been on a photoshoot or two but never really paid attention to the details and incredible amount of work that goes into the styling of a shoot. I've grown up on what I like to call the arse-end of fashion, namely design and manufacturing, so to have a crack at the more glamorous end was loads of fun.

We spent day one learning about the basics, and getting a "stylists kit" of our very own. This involved  clamps, pins, tape and much more. You basically are set up to build your own shelving unit, but are actually using all of those tools on a model. The kit stops short of a hammer. Because you are not supposed to hit the models. That being said, if one ever threw a phone at me, I'd go find that hammer. (just kidding)

On day two we got to play. Clothes, shoes and accessories were sponsored by Cotton On and there were rails upon rails to play with. We got to pick our models and style two looks to be photographed by the talented Gavin Van den Berg.
These are some of the shots I got from my two looks that I styled.

On the last day, we recapped and reviewed what we'd learnt and then moved on to personal styling, personal shopping as well as styling for TV and music videos. The charismatic Tracy Lee Rosslind was the guest speaker and she was an absolute treat. She has such an impressive resume and her energy and passion for local design and fashion was incredibly contagious.

A big thanks and congrats to Cara who pulled off a truly informative and fun workshop. It is a must for anyone interested in that side of the fashion industry.

Monday, 20 July 2015

50 day Challenge

I don't often get too personal on here, and I also don't want to become someone who is shoving health and wellness down your throats at every opportunity, but I am asking you today to join me in a little challenge. You see, tomorrow marks 50 days until I leave for a trip to Bali. I am so flipping excited I can barely contain myself, and I have spent more time than I'd care to admit making lists of things to do and also planning outfits so I can pretend that I'll look like one of those style bloggers who wear Dior by the poolside, and Rebecca Minkhoff to the beach. When in reality, I'll probably be in some Cotton On denim cut-offs a t-shirt and a top knot the entire time.

What really is giving me a case of the panics is being in a bikini for two weeks straight. Our last trip was to America, where I sustained myself on donuts and burgers, so I've been playing catch up on the whole "Summer bodies are made in Winter" idea. With minimal success. Living with a triathlete has helped somewhat, as our pantry is a Wellness Warehouse/Woolworths hybrid and there is barely anything fun to eat in the house. But I still reach for chocolate and sweets given half a chance, and my damned portion sizes.....I'm terrible. This Bali adventure is a serious incentive to rectify that situation. Our trip will involve plenty of hiking, cycling, yoga and surf lessons - so being in shape is non-negotiable really.

So here is my game plan. Or lack thereof because I don't really have one. I just want to aim at daily exercise, every day, up until our holiday and I'll use rest days for yoga or walking - because I know rest days are important, yet I really want to be active for the full 50 days. I also want to work on my diet and get that in check as well. I don't know if I want to try juicing or supplements to kick start things along - perhaps you guys can give me some advice there because I don't know anything about it. All I know, is that by sharing this with all of you, I am committing to it publicly. And by encouraging you to join me on a 50 day wellness challenge, perhaps we can stick to it and enjoy the results together.

The areas I struggle with are my thighs, which have never been described as slender in my entire life, and since turning 30, belly jiggle seems to be something that has become harder to shift. So I want to target those two areas (like almost every other woman who is not a Victoria Secret model I guess).

So far, I've entered the Gun Run 21km race in October, and for that I am starting a training program that involves 4 runs a week building up to that distance. The rest I intend to make up with yoga, weight training and maybe some boxing - we'll see.

My mantra is that I need to be inspired by my workout clothes, and PUMA have been very kind and sent me some Pulse XT trainers (currently on sale at Takealot) to use at the gym - which I am loving because they're as light as slippers and the black and charcoal design look great with all my workout gear. Yes that sounds superficial, but even Caroline Worstmann endorses looking hot while you workout as motivation - and that mentality scored her a Comrades win.
Now that Totalsports has gone online, I'll be watching my bank balance get slimmer much quicker than I will (if only I could pay with my inner thighs instead). But alas, all in the name of sports luxe and looking good at gym. I've also bought this fantastic Garmin VivoActive smart watch that tracks my daily movement and calories, my running pace and distance - and the cheeky bugger even vibrates to tell me to move every couple of hours if I am sitting down too long.

So that is as far as I've got with my plan. What do you think? Are you joining me? I'll be posting my progress  on social media, as in what exercise I did for the day, the odd recipe and I hope you'll do the same and copy me in - I need all the community motivation I can get.

50 days guys. Lets go.
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